Civil Defense

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Importance of Civil Protection Volunteers
Relatively small investments in preparation can speed up recovery by  prevent millions of deaths by hunger, cold and disease. According to human capital theory in economics, a country’s population is more valuable than all of the land, factories and other assets that it possesses. People rebuild a country after its destruction, and it is therefore important for the economic security of a country that it protect its people. According to psychology, it is important for people to feel as though they are in control of their own destiny, and preparing for uncertainty via civil defense may help to achieve this.


Support for disaster and emergency prevention
To support and supplement efforts at national, regional and local level with regard to disaster and emergency prevention, the preparedness of those responsible for civil protection and the intervention in the event of disaster and emergency:
  • To establish a framework for effective and rapid cooperation between different civil protection services when mutual assistance is needed (police, fire service, healthcare service, public utility provider, voluntary agencies)
  • To set up and implement training programs for intervention and coordination teams as well as assessment experts including joint courses and exchange systems
  • To enhance the coherence of actions undertaken at international level in the field of civil protection, especially in the context of cooperation
Preparing also includes sharing information:
  • To contribute to informing the public, in view of increasing citizens’ level of self-protection
  • To collect and disseminate validated emergency information
  • To pool information on national civil protection capabilities, military and medical resources
  • To ensure efficient information sharing between the different authorities

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